Saturday, May 21, 2011

We are in Barcelona

Our first full day we decided to walk out the door and head towards one of the major plaza's. This is a beautiful city to walk and wander aimlessly around. We found ourselves at Placa Catalunya - a main hub in the city. On a whim we decided to buy a two day pass on the tourist double-decker bus. The plan was to just sit on it for the whole route - 1 day west and the next day take the east route. We would then decide what to go back to and see again.

  Thursday we claimed our seats on top for the best views and happily road around unitl we got to Montjuic (mount of the jews). Here we decided to disembark and see the castle and views of the city. From this stop we took a funicular to the top. The view of the city and the Mediterranean were Spectacular.
 We walked back down through beautiful gardens and hopped on the bus again. This area also has an Olympic stadium (from the 1992 Olympics), an Art Museum and Poble Espanyol (Spanish Village) - like the Epcot Center of Spain. We will come back to that later, we've been told it is worth it. At the stop closest to our apartment we got off and headed home ( not before stopping for a beer)! We were determined to go out at night so we napped the afternoon away. We headed out for dinner at 9:45 pm (wow that is late for us). Sat at a sidewalk Sausage restaurant (my husband is Polish ya' know) and enjoyed a sausage and beer. From here we walked to the famous "Las Ramblas" a pedestrian walk way that goes all the way to the port. It is filled with vendors, entertainment and masses of people late at night. We made our 1st language FauxPas while buying ice cream in a cup.  Howard asked for 2 Chicas (small) and the girl started laughing.  Once she calmed down she explained to us that ' Chica' in Spain only means 'Girl', so Howard asked for 2 Girls! - note to ourselves, only use the word Pequeño for small!

We were pretty far from home and exhausted so we took a taxi home and walked in the door at 12:30am, not bad for 2 old gringos!

Ciao,  Elenita y Howard Arturo

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