Saturday, May 28, 2011


Barceloneta is the area of Barcelona near the beach, port and harbor. Yesterday we decided to rent bikes and ride along the shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea and through the Barceloneta neighborhood. It was a perfect day for this activity with beautiful scenery.
 After our 2 hour ride, Elenita's cousin Juanjo took us to a famous and very simple bar with the best " patatas braves" in Barcelona. It was a very simple place with a wonderful owner and fun ambiance.
 The patatas were wonderful and we loved the owner. Another great discovery off the tourist path. We feel so fortunate to have someone show us the side of Barcelona that normal tourists do not see. After walking around the neighborhood Sarria  we went back to the apartment to freshen up. We then walked over to see a another Gaudi house. La Pedrera (meaning the 'The Quarry'), is a building built during the years 1905–1910, being considered officially completed in 1912.  Antonio Guadi was way ahead of us time. Here is another example of his artistry.
 Above the entrance to the apartment building and below is the rood top.

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