Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sunday May 22nd!

This Sunday morning we were off to the Cathedral,  no, not to attend Mass (we are both non-practicing Catholics) but to see the Traditional Catalan Dance, Sardana.   Every Sunday at 12noon the Proud Catalans meet to dance and they are joined by a  group of classical musicians.   We got there by the Metro, our first time!  It is incredibly efficient, easy to figure out and very clean.  We arrived early so decided to have a cup of coffee at the Cappuccino y Crema Cafe just around the corner from the Cathedral.  Howard decided to try the Hot Chocolate, so many people had said how wonderful it was.  Well, this was pure, melted chocolate in a coffee cup, picture Hershey's Syrup but hot!  I love Chocolate and I didn't even find it appetizing.  We requested hot milk to make it easier to swallow.
Walked over to the Cathedral and they had already started, it was fun to watch.  Many different groups were formed, some small, some big and some even wore special T-shirts.  We watched for a while and then decided to enter the Cathedral, Howard was even impressed.  He gets tired of going into Churches but he couldn't believe it, it was that beautiful.  We have beautiful churches in Mexico but these are even older!

We left here and wandered around the tiny, winding streets and ended up in the harbor.  It was a beautiful day so we grabbed a table and had a Tapas and beer!  Our favorite beer so far is  AK Damm.  Someone told us that Beer is not big here but that isn't true.  Sitting here under the hot sun we felt like we were in San Francisco, both cities have lots of tourist walking around.
Had a wonderful lunch at a small place close to the Picasso Museum where we were going next.  The owner was French and very personable! Have I mentioned that Catalans aren't very personable, not the staff in restaurants anyway!
We stood in line waiting to get in to the Picasso Museum (a lot shorter line now then earlier).  Neither one of us are really Picasso Fans so we wandered thru quickly and left feeling...Ok, we saw it!
From here we continued walking the wonderful little winding streets and accidentally found the Parc Citadel, a wonderful park in the city with lots of green space, a small lake where you can row boats, a beautiful Monument/Fountain and more.  This Parc was filled with locals and we were happy to have stumbled upon .
We walked out thru the Arc de Triumph and found ourselves on the main boulevard to walk us home.  Our Apartment is very well located.

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