Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sat., May 21st! and Sun May 22nd

I have a new admiration for Bloggers........this is time consuming and takes creative energy!  I'm afraid that Howard and I don't have either!  For these reasons we are very behind, we're sorry!

Saturday we chose to walk around a residential neighborhood that looked really nice from the Tour Bus. It was an easy walk (even with our sore feet) from our neighborhood.  This area was filled with small, sidewalk restaurants, many small plaza's each with their own church and of course many narrow, criss crossing streets.  We stopped for some Tapas and a Beer in one of them.  Not sure if I've mentioned this before but the Bar/Restaurant staff are very cold.  If you don't aggressively say "Hey, over here, I'm starving, thirsty etc., they don't give you the time of day, no eye contact, NADA!!  We have had a few exceptions but I'm afraid it is the Rule here.  The friendly staff we have met have been from Argentina, Columbia and other parts of Spain.  We have commented to them how personable they are and they have said "yeah, Catalans are very cold, aren't they?"  It gives us more appreciation of Mexico, they couldn't be warmer people!

We found Gaudi's first house that he was commissioned to design, right after his receiving his Architect degree.

We meandered back to our Apartment for a home cooked meal.  About 10 minutes after we got home one of my cousins called, he wanted to pick us up in 45 minutes, we said sure!  He drove us out of the city, thru a beautiful forest into a very nice suburb of Barcelona.  I finally got to meet my Barcelona Duelo cousins, it was a very emotional evening!

Sunday will follow soon ;)

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