Monday, May 30, 2011

Last day in Barcelona

Saturday, May 28, was our last day in Barcelona .We decided to spend the day in the bohemian neighborhood of Gracia which we discovered earlier. We first stopped at a Mexican restaurant and had guacamole and a beer. We then walked for a awhile and noticed an art walk and street music. This neighborhood has a wide variety of  international restaurants. For dinner (or late lunch in Spain) we decided to eat Syrian food. 
Elenita in front of the Mexican restaurant where we had the most expensive guacamole ever.

Our meals at the Syrian restaurant. Mine we meat a mix of lamb and pork cook on a spit with tabbouleh. Elenita ate a very flavorful dish with chicken and rice cook to perfection.  After dinner we where rewarded with some music in the street form students of a local music college.

  Afterwards we went back to our apartment and while we finished packing we watched the champion soccer Europe Cup. Which we Barcelona vs. Manchester, England. It was a wonderful closing to a great 11 days. Barcelona won and the revelry in the streets was wonderful. On to Valencia and the small mountain town of Cuenca, Spain.

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