Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Madrid - meat,, ham, expense and Toledo.

Last night we landed in Lisbon, Portugal after spending 6 nights in Madrid and a total of 19 in Spain. Madrid is a grand city with amazing architecture and history. We had a great time getting to know the city and visiting with Elenita's cousin (tour guide) Odette. One of the days we took a train to Todelo which was a about 30 minutes from Madrid. Toledo is a small medieval walled town with winding narrow streets, beautiful buildings and wonderful churches.

In Madrid we learned the Metro and traveled around the city easily underground. The night life was incredible, at 11:00 pm the streets were filled with people, eating, drinking and just enjoying life.. For a big city one never felt unsafe. When is came to eating it was tapas, tapas and tapas pretty much everyone ate. After awhile Elenita and I just wanted a regular sit down meal and went to a seafood restaurant for a wonderful fish dinner. Dining out in Spain  is a very expensive endeavor and vegetables are rarely served in restaurants. The major problem is that the quality of food is not equal to the price. Last night our first meal in Lisbon was wonderful Indian food. We felt like we got a good meal for a good price finally.

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  1. Glad you've arrived safely in Portugal! I hope you enjoy your time in Lisbon. Did you eat at the Indian restaurant that Ellyn loves??