Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lisbon by metro, trolly and feet the first day

Our first day in Lisbon we spent the first hour looking for a place to take our laundry. We finally discovered a place underground in a metro station about 3 stops from ours. After that, since we were in the metro we went in the opposite direction  in search of a flea market in one of the oldest neighborhoods, Alfama. We walked around the market for about 30 to 40 minutes in search of  those unique memories.  What we found were rooster and roosters. Roosters on towels, roosters on tiles and roosters made out of metal. I guess roosters are big in Portugal. (coincidentally Elenita collects them). These aren't your ordinary roosters, these roosters have many different colors, shapes and sizes. After the flea market we ended up on the electric trolley which is like riding the cable cars in San Francisco.
Since we were in the neighborhood we decided to visit the Sao Jorge Castle. The panoramic views from up here were incredible!

We ate lunch at a very local family, tiny restaurant which for a decent price was good food and a very good value compared to our experiences in Spain. When we complimented the owner (using our Portuguese Phrase book), he spoke no English, he gave us desserts  for no extra charge. This was not in the tourist area and we really enjoyed sitting among the locals and soaking in the flavor.  After this we were totally exhausted and meandered back down the hill, thru narrow streets, exploring the area as we walked back to our hotel.  Miraculously we were not as far away as we had thought!

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