Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Landed in Madrid

The word AVE represents a bird. This is the name given to the high-speed train system in Spain. These trains can travel up to 350 Km/h or 217 m/h. We took this train from Cuenca to Madrid about 180 miles and it took 1 hour. I really wish we had train travel in the United States. It is certainly a lot easier then traveling by plane and the views are incredible.

We arrived in Madrid on Tuesday, May 31 at noon and took a taxi to our room. We met the owner of our Hostel and she is a real sweet lady who gave us a great overview of the location we are staying at in Madrid. We are very close to everything in the central part of  Madrid. Our first day we walked to orient ourselves to the location. At night we met up with a cousin of Elenita's who has been living here for a little more then a year.  The next day we traveled around the city on the tourist bus. What great way to see an overview of a city. Last night we decided to eat a real sit down meal instead of the high carb tapas we have been eating. We went to a wonderful seafood restaurant and  had a very good meal. Afterwards we walked around and discovered many different street musicians until we ran into a Mexican Mariachi band. It was a wonderful experience.

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