Sunday, February 20, 2011

The beginning

We are in the planning stages of our trip to Spain and Portugal. We leave Mexico on May 14 for Ithaca, New York to witness David's graduation from law school on May 15. We then depart for Barcelona on May 17. When we arrive in Barcelona one of our main goals is to visit with Elenita's relatives living there. We are going to spend 11 days in Barcelona and visit the sites that make this city wonderful. We are staying in a neighborhood instead of the tourist  area so we can feel the city like a local. On May 29 we will head by train along the coast to the city of Valencia for a few hours and then we head up north to the quaint town of Cuenca for a 2 night stay.  On May 31 we will then head north to the capital of Spain, Madrid for 6 nights. On June 6 we depart for Lisbon, Portugal. Our plans are to spend 6 nights in the city and then rent a car and drive around the country for 9 or 10 days. Stay tune for more.

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  1. This is going to be great!!!!!!! I'll check in daily & I promise I will only make intelligent comments that will be worth your valuable time to read!!!
    ¡¡¡buen viaje!!!